Escape Plan: The Extractors

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Every person experiences a turning point in his life. Realizing the mistakes made, you can absolutely change the usual existence. The point of no return helps to forget about the past and look at the world from a different angle. A similar situation occurs with the main character Ray Breslin, when he decided to engage in familiar activities. Gradually his life is overgrown with tranquility, now he is not tormented by his conscience, much less disturbed by law enforcement agencies. But soon the genius computer geek is found by old accomplices, deciding to remind himself. At first, the man tries to refuse the proposed job, but former employers, as always, find a way to get his consent. The problem is that the daughter of the head of one of the technical companies in Hong Kong disappears without a trace during the next operation to buy back the hostages. Professional burglar of numerous prisons Breslin is forced to re-assemble the famous team. Together they go in search of the kidnapped daughter of a Hong Kong entrepreneur. In the course of the investigation, the heroes come out on the son of their sworn enemy. In the hands of a madman is Ray's beloved, who is imprisoned in a terrible place called “The Devil's Station”. Other films: Teen SpiritChild's PlayLove at Second Sight.  Enjoy watching Escape Plan: The Extractors online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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