Elisa & Marcela

6.4 IMDb
Genres:Biography, Drama, Romance
15 Votes

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Enjoy watching Elisa & Marcela online in HD quality for free and without registration. When the love of two people is real, then no barriers are terrible to her. Sometimes a harsh society can punish people who, in their opinion, are not like everyone else. The crowd cruelly hangs its labels, always manipulating how and to whom to live. First you need to learn to understand your own problems, and then climb into others. This story takes place in Spain at the beginning of the twentieth century. The provincial town is experiencing a real scandal, this region has not yet seen. For many locals, there comes a real apocalypse, because the love of two girls seems to them to be insulting and unnatural. The main characters of the film are the most famous same-sex lovers of their era. 
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