Project Ithaca

3.9 IMDb
Genres:Sci-Fi, Thriller
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Enjoy watching Project Ithaca online in HD quality for free and without registration. Four people not familiar with each other are in a strange place. They don't remember how they got here. Their bodies are connected and they cannot move. When you try to break free, the tension of the threads only increases. It becomes clear that they are on the object of extraterrestrial origin. But why are they here and what do they want from them? Among the characters is Agent John Brighton. He is the only one who can shed light on what is happening here. The guy worked for the military and was part of a group that found a UFO. It was found the body of a dead alien. There was no control object on the ship, which meant that the creature had some connection with the ship. The creature's mind controlled the flying machine, and also fed it with its energy. At the scene of the accident was all infected. Checks began in the city among the local population, but not a single person had any sign of illness. Only a pregnant woman turned out to be overestimated and the result in her fetus. A charming baby was born and the War Department took her parents. It turned out that the girl has a kinetic connection with an alien station. This girl is now among them. 

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