Body at Brighton Rock

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Enjoy watching Body at Brighton Rock online in HD quality for free and without registration. In the mountain reserve is a girl named Wendy. She has certain weirdness and has no sense of responsibility. Wendy in the film “Death Trail” cannot come to work on time or do what she was asked to do on time, as she is always scattered. One day, the girl goes to bypass her site of the reserve, however, it is unclear for what reasons, deviates from the route, which she had previously discussed with the management. At first, Wendy is at a loss, for the new terrain is unknown to her. And after a little time, the girl also finds the corpse of a man. The traveler immediately informs the management of her find, and the administration of the reserve advises her to stay where she is and not to go anywhere until the rescuers arrive. A little later, Wendy discovers that her radio is broken and now she is left alone with the corpse. However, this is not the worst, because many uninvited guests dwell in the forest, who can attack a girl at any moment. The heroine will have to be very nervous, because the rescuers will have to spend a lot of time in search. 
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