Oh, Ramona!

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Genres:Comedy, Romance
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Enjoy watching Oh, Ramona! online in HD quality for free and without registration. Andrew is sixteen years old and he is absolutely unsure of a young man. He is a real nerd and he has few friends. The guy never had a relationship with girls and therefore he is very complex. One day, at a local hotel, he meets a pretty girl and wants to meet her. The beauty is called Ramona and she arrived in the city for the weekend. The poor fellow manages to interest her and in the evening he goes on a date with her. For several days in the life of the hero incredible events occur. He met a nice person who answered him in return. Soon he learns that Ramona is leaving. Before leaving, she tells him that she has another. That is where their relationship ends. After a while he decides to call her. Suddenly, she invites him to come to visit her and our macho, without hesitation, agrees. He hopes that the beloved will leave her boyfriend and only him. However, she is not going to do this, because her young man is rich and she already has plans for the future. Meanwhile, at school they begin to think that Andrew is blue. No one believes that he has anybody. Upon learning of this, he decides to change his fate. From a loser, he decides to turn into a brutal macho and now let the girls run after him. 

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