Hollow Point

4.7 IMDb
$ 1 000 000 Budget
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Small town on the US-Mexico border. It seems life here is quiet and cloudless. But this is only an outward glance .. The smuggling of weapons and narcotic potions happens regularly here. Sheriff Leland fought criminals in the toughest ways, often violating legal procedures. As a result, he had to go to premature resignation. In its place appointed a new sheriff Wallace. This young man comes from this town, so that the situation is familiar to him. Wallace is trying to act solely within the law. As it is told in the movie “Man on Carrion Road”, it becomes clear that a major deal between representatives of the Mexican drug cartel and American suppliers of armor piercing cartridges should happen soon. Wallace wants to disrupt this meeting. Sheriff agrees to help his predecessor Leland. With the help of a former friend of Wallace, who used to smuggle, and now decided to quit, they succeed. The bandits decided to take revenge and send an assassin hired by the nickname "Butcher." Now the lives of both sheriffs are in danger. Wallace's girlfriend, Maria, also came under the gun. Enjoy watching Hollow Point online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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