The White Crow

6.5 IMDb
Genres:Biography, Drama
Countries:UK, France
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Dramatic motion picture of the British director Rafe Fiennes “Nureyev. White Raven "tells about the life of a wonderful ballet dancer. The main action of the film takes place during the famous tour of the Kirov Theater in France in 1961, when Nureyev decided to stay in the West. The film has a lot of retrospectives from the life of a ballet dancer: about how he was born in a Siberian train car, how his family was in poverty in the 40s, how he lived in Ufa, studied in the city on the Neva, where his career as a ballet dancer and got his basic development. The internal tension of the film is constantly increasing, since the KGB officers accompanying the troupe during the tour are extremely dissatisfied with Nureyev’s contacts with the Parisian bohemian. They are preparing the expulsion of Rudolph back to the USSR, it is about to take place, and then the artist makes such a difficult decision for himself and asks for political asylum. The film is based on the book by Julie Cavan, which is a biographical. It has a lot of genuine drama, emotions and experiences. Enjoy watching The White Crow online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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